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Heart Fund

St. Anthony’s Heart Fund brings life saving technology, preventative care and personalized rehabilitation to cardiac patients. It also helps St. Anthony’s maintain the distinction of being the first Chest Pain Center accredited with Percutaneous Coronary Intervention, recognizing our proven expertise in rapidly diagnosing and treating ER patients with heart attack symptoms.

St. Anthony’s continually goes above and beyond our budgeted resources to redefine cardiac care for your family and your community. Please support our Heart Fund with a gift today. Your tax deductible contribution will make it possible for St. Anthony’s to heal the whole person by providing care and life-changing health initiatives to your family and neighbors.

Please contact the Development Officer at 314-525-7330 for additional information on this fund.


Ken Auck

After a massive heart attack, emerging technology successfully prevented any brain damage and allowed for an immediate open-heart surgery to successfully accomplish a six-way bypass. I owe my full life to God, my wife and family, the paramedics and the wonderful doctors at St. Anthony’s.

- Ken Auck, St. Anthony’s Cardiac Rehab Patient