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Hospice Charity Care

St. Anthony’s Field Hospice Program and the de Greeff Hospice House

St. Anthony’s Hospice program is a special concept of care designed to provide comfort and support to patients and their families faced with a terminal illness. We improve the quality of our patients’ last days by ensuring comfort and dignity, including the underserved, underinsured and uninsured.

While the majority of our patients in our hospice program remain at home or reside in nursing homes, others rely on the Fern & Russell F. de Greeff Hospice House. Considered to be the model for quality and compassionate care at the end-of-life, the de Greeff Hospice House is an important part of our ministry and a valuable resource for the community. It is the only freestanding hospice house in the St. Louis region, and one of only 50 in the entire United States.

Approximately $300,000 in charity care is provided to St. Anthony’s Hospice Patients annually. Funding for charity care is more important than ever because no one is turned away due to lack of financial resources.

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“Being at Hospice House was a life-changing experience for us. They took something that was so horrific and made it bearable. We wanted to give something back.”

- Tracy Kroutil

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