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Hyland Community Fund

There is no shortage of need for mental health services for youth and adults in our community.  While mental illness knows no socio-economic boundaries, those with limited financial resources often pay the long-term price for inadequate care.  Hyland Behavioral Health (HBH) promotes positive long-term behavioral health outcomes for all those in our care.  Because recovery from a psychiatric disorder or chemical dependency is an ongoing progression, Hyland offers a full range of services designed to meet our patients’ continuously changing needs including inpatient, outpatient and chemical dependency services for both adolescents and adults. 

Hyland has been working in our region since the mid 1970s and has been 'the source' for specialized adolescent programs since the 1980s.  Today, in addition to adult services, Hyland provides inpatient and outpatient adolescent psychiatric and psychological services, including a 22 bed inpatient adolescent unit which provides multidisciplinary psychiatric care for youth 12-18.

Please support our Hyland Community Fund with a gift today. Your tax deductible contribution will make it possible for St. Anthony’s to heal the whole person by providing care and life-changing health initiatives to your family and neighbors.

Every gift helps us get to our goal. Thank you.
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